19TH - 27TH March 2016
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Warwickshire thrift week is coming & it's going to beBIG

Warwickshire’s annual community driven event backed by the council and local business

Thrift Week is all about smart spending, saving, recycling, conservation, energy efficiency and community.

Back for its third year, Warwickshire Week of Thrift is expected to be bigger and better than 2016! Backed by the county and local councils, charities, local organisations and businesses, Thrift Week will be a period of feel good fun for the whole county aimed at bringing communities together and promoting the benefits of thrift.

recycle, upcycle,
reuse & repair
smart spending
and saving
bring people into town
centres for special events
drive customers into
shops with sales
and offers
a positive annual event
for people & business
community involvement with street sales and clubs

2 Ways to be involved

  1. Submit a special offer to be displayed on the Thrift Week website. Drive new business through your door, with a FREE and simple special offer listing.

    All you have to do is fill in our website form with details of the offer you wish to make, and customers will be able to print out a voucher or show it to you on their mobile phone to redeem it during Thrift Week.
  2. Run your own event during Thrift Week.
    Get involved with Thrift Week and run your own event. Whether it’s a table top sale or a thrifty masterclass, let us know and we’ll list it on the Thrift Week website to share with the fellow frugal of Warwickshire.

    All you need to do is fill in our website form with details of your event, and the event will be posted on the Thrift Week website.
Two ways you can get involved

Business Offers

Submit an offer from your business on the Thrift Week website. It’s easy to do and we anticipate tens of thousands of visitors to the website before and during Thrift Week.

Free advertisementFree advertisement Find new customersFind new customers Show your supportShow your support

There is no cost to submit an offer, so this is your chance to get some free advertising and drive more business through your door. All we ask is that your offer is good and that you are able to fulfil any offers that you make on the website..

The details

Fill in the fields using the form below, and subject to manual review, your special offer will appear on the Thrift Week website. The details you enter will generate a voucher that website visitors will be able to print or present to you on a mobile phone.

  • Please submit only 1 offer. All subsequent offers will be rejected
  • Please make your offer “special”. Regular priced goods or weak offers undermine the system for all other advertisers
  • Offers can be literally ANYTHING from goods to food to experiences to services to b2b deals
  • Keep it clean (obviously)
  • Try and be very clear and honest about your offer. Don’t mislead anyone
  • You are responsible for everything you write!

Make your offer title catchy, and remember, the better your offer the more results you will see.

Get Started

Run an Event

Run your own event and advertise it on the Thrift Week website.

Show your supportSHOW YOUR SUPPORT

There is no cost to submit an event, all we ask is that you get in touch if your event is not going to go ahead so we can update the website...

The details

  • Fill in the form below with the details of your event
  • Please make it clear where your event will be held, making sure to provide a postcode so we can show it on the Events map
  • Events can be anything from a table top sale, to a swapping shop. Take a look at last year’s events for some great ideas!

Your Event

These details will only be used to contact you and won’t be shown on the website.