19TH - 27TH MARCH 2016

2014's Thrift Week Blog

Thrift Week goes out on a high

Yesterday was the grand finale of Thrift Week, marked by a fabulous Thrifty Market in Warwick’s Market Square. Thankfully we were blessed with warm, dry weather and Thrift Week went out on a high. Visitors to the market were treated to free bike repair from Bike Fixer... Read More

Thrifty Masterclass Round-Up

This morning saw one of the most popular events of Thrift Week: a Thrift Masterclass with talks from three experts, Peter Mitchell of NENA, Cat Fletcher of Freegle and John Compton of B&Q Streetclub. Peter Mitchell: Street Sale Star First up was Peter Mitchell, w... Read More

A crafty project from Berylune

We are natural thrifters here at Berylune. Most of our shop fittings are second hand baskets, boxes or bins we have collected on our travels. We like that these are usually cheap as chips, but also that they make our shop feel unique and homely, as we want it. We are al... Read More

Thrifty Vegetable Crumble recipe

Vegetable Crumble is a family favourite in our house, and is incredibly cheap and nutritious! Crumble Topping 100ml vegetable oil – 14p from a 1 litre bottle (cheaper if you get the 3 litre bottle) 100g flour, 3p – any of the own brand bags at 45p/1.5kg 75g ... Read More

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