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Green Geeks – It’s always cheaper to repair a computer than buy a new one

As the only IT social enterprise in the Midlands, Green Geeks based in Leamington Spa focuses on buying, selling and recycling computer equipment. Having previously worked as the computer recycling expert for Action 21, Johnathon Weare set up Green Geeks to pursue his desire to empower people to understand IT issues and resolve problems for themselves. Johnathon set up the business 6 years ago although the Green Geeks shop has only been in its current location in Clemens Street for 6 weeks.

Green Geeks

As featured in the Warwick Observer

Green Geeks has a broad range of customers seeking IT support and advice and good quality equipment, from parents whose children have managed to hack into their computers and need repair, to retired people requesting information on email and skype. Johnathon’s team spend 20% of their time on research so they always have the latest information to advise customers, whether it be on anti-virus software or operating systems. ‘We like to empower people with the best IT advice,’ he said.

Customers can get a free repair estimate and health check so they can then decide whether or not to get their equipment repaired or buy a replacement. As Johnathon suggests ‘It can be cheaper to repair a computer than buy a new one.’’

Green Geeks also offers a ‘try as you buy’ scheme ideal for job seekers on benefits who need a computer for job applications but can’t afford to buy a new one. Customers can pay a certain rate per hour to use the machine and once they have used enough hours to pay for the machine it is theirs to take home. As Johnathon explains ‘Our focus is on helping those who can’t afford new technology.’

Green Geeks is open Monday – Saturday 10am-6pm

39 Clemens Street, Leamington Spa, CV31 2DP

Tel: 01926 678330

Email: greengeekteam@gmail.com


Courtesy of Keep it local Warwickshire

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