19TH - 27TH MARCH 2016

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Thrift Week goes out on a high

Yesterday was the grand finale of Thrift Week, marked by a fabulous Thrifty Market in Warwick’s Market Square. Thankfully we were blessed with warm, dry weather and Thrift Week went out on a high.

Visitors to the market were treated to free bike repair from Bike Fixers, as well as tips on home composting, cotton nappies and sustainable living from stalls around the square.

TV chef Richard Fox was on hand with thrifty cooking demonstrations, and the guys from Love Food Hate Waste were there to hand out free recipes and give advice on minimising food waste.

The market was a great way to round off a very successful first Thrift Week. The local community really got behind the idea of the event, and we’ve all had a lot of fun over the last seven days! We are hoping to run Thrift Week on an even bigger scale in 2015, so check back soon for details of what’s to come.

But for now, we’d like to thank everyone who got involved with Thrift Week, whether you organised or attended an event, joined the conversation on Twitter and Facebook or simply got into the thrifty spirit. See you next year, and in the meantime, stay thrifty!


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